La Farga / The Forge

1-2 hours

Easy walk from the Bergerie along the deep river gorge through the forest and over some bridges. Cross country roundtrip option via the road from Corsavy. PLEASE DO NOT ENTER THE RUINS as they are crumbling.

  • Walk down the wooden steps and through the small wooden gate at the bottom of the field

  • Take a right and follow the wide path (old road) down to the river and then sharp left so you’re walking away from the Bergerie with the river on your right hand side

  • Keep left on the path and cross the stone bridge

  • You will come to a small stream with a tree trunk fallen across it. cross here but be careful as it’s slippery

  • Follow the path slightly to the right and up the bank and continue walking past many fallen trees 

  • You will come to forest of tall box hedge trees with a fork to the right and left

  • The right fork takes you to a large swimming pond and the left fork takes you to the ruins of the Forge

  • After that you can continue walking along the river on the path, which will lead to a metal bridge (passerelle). You can cross here and continue for a while through the forest before returning. 

  • You can also walk through the forest up towards the road and continue onto Corsavy (path not well marked) or back to the house via the main road.

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