La Devesa & Col de l’Estagnol 

3-5 hours

A beautiful hike through the forest and along the river eventually reaching some crests with impressive views over the foothills of the Canigou mountain. Quite steep so be prepared to sweat a little.

  • Park at the main parking next to the river in Leca, which is the first road to your right after leaving Lou Poun. At the end of the parking cross the small bridge and follow the path to the right. Follow the stream on your right and cross it

  • (1) Continue straight on the steep path until an intersection (altitude 1230m, "Col de l'Espagnol et Cabane de la Devèze").

  • (2) Take the path to the right which descends a bit before climbing again. You will come to a path (Tour d'en glas) on your right. Don’t take this one - carry on climbing until you come to a crossroads (altitude 1410m, "Tour du Canigou").

  • (3) Take the path to the left Pheading south, with red and yellow line markers. 

  • Ignore the path to the right also called “Tour du Canigou”, oriented NE

  • You will arrive at a shelter called “la Deveze” with beautiful views of the plain and the mountains 

  • (4) Continue on the path which becomes a dirt road to Col de l'Estagnol (sign indicating ”cote 1667”).

  • (5) on you reach Coll (saddle) de l’Estanyol you can go up a bit for more views, or take the return path. A bit tricky to find it heads NE from the signpost, but the start is hard to see. It is off to the left between the trees (small stone cairn on the ground). It is signposted as a mountain bike trail (small triangle signs with numbers). 

  • Follow the yellow signposted path that goes down gently until you reach the path you took at the start. 

  • (2) At this point take a right turn and head back down to the parking.