Tour de Batère / Batère Tower

2-4 hours

Splendid views over the plain and the Mediterranean Sea in alpine surroundings. Explore some of the remains of the ancient Roman iron ore mines, as well as the modern mine which closed down in 1986. During the summer months a restaurant operates at the hikers refuge:

  • Drive to the Coll de la Descarga (No. 11) and park at the barrier leading up to the refuge de Batère

  • Walk up to the refuge staying on the tarred road until it becomes a dirt track. There are a number of old mines to explore at this point – just come back to the main path before continuing.

  • There are three options depending on how long you’d like to walk:

    1. For the shortest route take the track to the right for “Puig de l’Estella”

    2. A slightly longer route would be to walk to the Coll de la Cirera on the GR10 (Tour du Canigou track), then up to the top of Puig de Sant Pere before going to the Puig de l’Estella

    3. If you would like to gain more altitude take the path to the left at Coll de la Cirera and climb the Pic Gallinas. The views from here are spectacular. Trace your steps back down to the Coll de la Cirera, then Puig de Sant Pere.

  • Continue to the Puig de l’Estella and then follow the path along the crest heading towards Batère tower.

  • From the tower, follow the flat well-maintained dirt road back to the parking.